Original Air provides various options for upgrading your existing factory A/C system to look and perform better.  We provide model specific & custom built kits to upgrade your compressor or your entire system.

A/C Compressor Upgrade Kits – Our easy-to-install high performance rotary compressor upgrade kits will not only help you solve and prevent compressor related system failures for good & insure against commonly leaking shaft-seals, but also save horsepower (draws only 2-4 horsepower, compared to 15-20), give you better fuel economy and performance and allow for a continuous duty rating of 6,000 RPM.  It's also a great start to converting your air conditioning system from to 134a!  Typical kits includes the compressor & mount or adapter brackets, compressor hoses and filter-drier or accumulator.

Ford Compressor Upgrade Kits  |  GM Compressor Upgrade Kits  |  Mopar Compressor Upgrade Kits


Complete Engine Compartment A/C Upgrade Kit – These easy-to-install kits combine our compressor upgrade kits with our high-performance parallel-flow condenser and all the liquid lines and/or hoses.  It’s the most reliable way to modernize your muscle car’s air-conditioning performance for a worry-free cold a/c for years.  Our kits are complete turnkey replacements and will eliminate most of the troublesome problems in your existing system. 

Ford Engine Upgrade Kits  |  GM Engine Upgrade Kits  |  Mopar Engine Upgrade Kits


Model Specific Kits

Camaro AC Upgrade Kit Chevelle, El Camino, Monte Carlo AC Upgrade Kit

Nova AC Upgrade Kit Corvette AC Upgrade Kit

Chevy Truck AC Upgrade Kit Chevy Full Size AC Upgrade Kit

Pontiac Firebird AC Upgrade Kit Oldsmobile Cutlass AC Upgrade Kit

Ford Mustang AC Upgrade Kit Ford Falcon & Ranchero AC Upgrade Kit

Ford Torino AC Upgrade Kit Ford Thunderbird AC Upgrade Kit

Mercury Comet AC Upgrade Kit Mercury Cougar AC Upgrade Kit

Dodge AC Upgrade Kit Plymouth AC Upgrade Kit


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