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Fall Inspection Checklist


October is Fall Car Care Month 

Get your vehicle ready for cooler temperatures this October.
 Preventative maintenance leads to fewer unexpected repairs.


Inspection Check List:

Heating, ventilating and air conditioning- Proper heating performance is just as important as proper cooling performance – keep in mind that we are the A/C and heating industry leader and have the largest inventory of used original parts in the business!

Exhaust system- Be aware of leaks and damage to assure harmful fumes do not enter the vehicle.

Hoses and Belts- Check for cracks, bubbles and bulges in your hoses. Don’t risk being stranded on a highway with a broken down car. Read more about replacing hoses here: https://www.originalair.com/when-should-i-replace-my-hoses

Brake System- Have brake system inspected now, especially if you will be driving in more intense weather this winter.

FluidsCheck your engine oil, coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid and windshield washer fluid.

Lighting Check exterior lights frequently. Look for cracks, burnt out bulbs and dimmed lights.

BatteryLook for corrosion, leaking and swelling in your battery. The connection should be tight and free of corrosion.

TiresInspect tread on all four tires as well as tire pressure. Ensure your wheels are aligned and check for any bulging, cracks or bald areas.

WipersEnsure your wipers are not worn down. This will be important should you drive through any inclement weather.



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